never removed her clothes in the light


posed for the flash

glaring at all the lines

shaping her make

she never

showed you the way in

to the deepest part

nor left behind a key

beneath the mat


kept herself tightly wound

measuring time in metronome

within a book within a comb within

a ball of yarn

played with but never



didn’t tell you the truth when you asked her

to reveal secrets

she told you of the stars and moon sprung apart in divinity

and let you believe

she’d told you who

she was

and when

you saw her cut her hair

scythe slicing history in swath

long tresses falling like fingers down a drain

following the passage of tears and footsteps

taken to stand here

you asked her


and she looked at you

with her shorn face and her

sharp eyes smudged with doubt

and said

didn’t you see my nudity?

didn’t you see me crying?

behind my hair all these years?


72 thoughts on “Nude

  1. I miss you too. You can always find me. After I deal the World Series of poker I look to come out to Texas if you’re in town;)

  2. Hi I never saw your blog before now when I did this poetry of yours was something I fell in love with its so wonderful how you described a girl’s life who has some complications. I went on and on read it trice I didn’t wanted this poetry to end but yeah everything has to end so anyway what you did with this one was truly breathtaking. Truly loved it.

  3. Thank you I really appreciate that you like my blog and posts that’s very good to hear and I am very grateful to you. I really appreciate your support.

  4. I’ve been in a funk! But just so you know I got to your site every night before I got to bed and read your words:) I just comment in my own head!!!

  5. WOW! I didn’t know that! Now my head is all swollen! I’m sorry you have been in a funk I know that feeling I would not wish it upon you. I hope that lifts soon. Your writing and your message is important never stifle your voice you have a valuable and necessary voice and message that people need to hear and that includes myself.

  6. Heck yeah! I ALWAYS read what you write. Some part of it I can always feel or resonate with. It may be one line or one word or the entire thing but I love your writing.

  7. EXACTLY you totally got that I’m really glad I conveyed what I meant clearly as I wasn’t sure I had and I am equally appreciative of you reading this and commenting thank you dear Melanie xo

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