Thirty years ago waited,

in suspension


thought into existence

wish formation

totem prayer

wolves with human faces

surrounding your wish

give her to me

jowls and eye-bags

you rubbed bark into fire

make her live

beneath friction of sticks

I am alone

she will complete the trace

forged of gooseberry

sum of me inhaling sound

life forming dogwood cradle

climb from creations shelf

take your place

before holy



17 thoughts on “Crucify

  1. So many time when I read your poetry Feathers I am reminded of Anne Sexton, one of my favorite female writers. Brava, poetess!

  2. The first time you said that to me I nearly caught on fire with joy! I was so honored you’d say that. I mean yes she was a bit introspective (but so am I) and a bit selfish (understatement) but I adore her work too. I really appreciate that you think I’m anything like her as that’s a massive boost in my flagging confidence and I so appreciate your support please know you have mine sister

  3. Thank you Candice, you will always have my support and my comment regarding your writing is sincerely from my heart, I love Anne Sexton because she wrote from her heart and soul and you do too.

  4. We’re alot alike in that we support other women that’s actually pretty rare among women. People think I do it because I’m a perverted lesbian 😉 I’m not and that’s not why I do it – but either way I wish more women would (support and lift up and encourage and prioritize other women). Too often I see the ‘lost woman’ syndrome where if a man is in the room or vicinity a woman is ignored by another woman. I see this even with friends of mine on WP. So it means a lot that YOU treat everyone equally you really do and you are a good person.

  5. We need to support one another, we are under siege by patriarchy and always have been. I really get down on women who have no objection to being second class citizens. I must get off my soap box. Write on dear one!

  6. Agreed. I am personally hoping you get on your soap box more often! I like it! Truly though our biggest hinderance is the way women put men above other women for whatever plethora of reason(s) and how they diminish a woman’s worth and as such, diminish their own. I saw it happen the other day, a friend I’m close to always prioritizes men over women, she’s a good person I adore her, but she does, it’s a culturally learned behavior. We must eradicate to be truly equal. Patriarchy isn’t even considered real by so many who throw away their rights and feminism, that’s a crying shame.

  7. I agree…this behavior stems from so many years of being considered less than men, not as smart, “the little lady” …etc. They have been given the power and they are not letting go, but I am not lumping all men in this category but right not they are in control .

  8. I confess that whilst men can get up my nose, it bothers me MORE when I’m talking to a woman who is distracted/disinterested and then a man comes into the room and she nearly wets herself falling all over him. I know that sounds bitter but it’s more than that, it speaks to as you say, the years of thinking we’re not as good, or as equal, think what a message it sends? Daughters who are underappreciated etc. That poisons everything. My soap box has neon lights on it btw 😉

  9. I’m glad I was able to play muse. I was thinking about what you said and it brought to mind all the times I have witnessed a man and woman talking and suddenly the man catches the eyes of a different woman down the bar and loses all interest in what the woman he came in with is saying. So rude, so impolite, so piggish. grrr. Games people play. Have a beautiful day.

  10. You did. You often inspire me. thank you. I totally agree, I’ve had that too, both as the woman who was gazed at and considered to be prettier and the woman who was ignored for another woman and it feels BAD – so it cuts both ways not just women doing it. Very true though I would sadly say I think women do it to each other as much if not more, only today I saw it at the library, a man goes up to five women they ignore each other and worship him. Sad. Sad. Sad. xo (you too!)

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