Red Mary

hemofgarmentThey said

she’s a sinner

that red Mary

she’s got shadows in her soul

everyone’s done a wrong

what’s yours?

she couldn’t recall a sin she committed

though many done against her still

showed in bad light shining as scars will

what constitutes a sin?

not picking up a fallen book or

neglecting the heart of an aching soul?

not burying a bird nor preventing its death

sailing into glass as you ate your day

she’d let

the dinner burn accidentally making snow flakes for the windows

she’d been too tired

to scrub the tile in the bathroom before the guests arrived

she’d given herself the bigger helping on occasion

but more often than not she made room for the needs of others

cramped with heads on her lap driving in the car

give an inch take a mile convert to metric lose measure

what comes first? you?

she knew she hurt herself when eclipsing

and if that was a sin

she was a sinner plenty

scratching charred lines of dislike across herself

like a map plotting direction with blooming red pins

but lord if that is a sin

to turn and bear our fangs within

when the world is full of clamoring snake oil salesmen

hawking their false wares

building temples for closed gods

telling children who are raped

no you cannot abort this is gods wish

then she was a sinner of the very worst sort

for her belief was

those who are without blemish don’t exist

but some of us are good

not living under the almshouse for the spiritually impoverished

she didn’t know what it meant to

live in sin be born to sin

she felt sin was a choice

you made or did not make

and she did not choose

to sin except

by laying in bed reading

on Sunday listening to

the vowels of the faithful

herding their flock

17 thoughts on “Red Mary

  1. This is so good. An excellent concept to be writing on. I remember a quote I saw on Facebook “Sinners judging sinners for sinning differently”

  2. Elsa, EXACTLY RIGHT! I totally agree. I suppose I don’t subscribe to the idea we are all sinners, nor the idea that none of us are, I think it depends and much has to do with the ideals of our society more than our actions. Thank you for reading this!

  3. And I think there is always something about Mary Magdalene. Something pure and reverent. Its a personal and completely emotional feeling! 😜

  4. Elsa so true. I have read a lot of books on her, the one that resonated with me was the whole history of women wearing red and being called ‘mary’ and what that actually meant and how powerful they were but it was not credited (typical!)

  5. You should try to find a copy of ‘Poem of the Man-God’ by Italian mystic Maria Valtorta, controversial but the most comprehensive written account on the lives of the apostles and especially of the highly praised (by Jesus) lives of the women disciples, including the Greek slave and intellectual, Syntyche. I believe you will find much value in this work, Candice.

  6. I think there is and has been so much of this in the world–women being blamed and called sinners, and then internalizing it.
    Interesting “the vowels of the faithful” rather than the vows.

  7. Red is bright it demands to be seen. But, red holds powerful meanings. Blood shed to heal, blood shed to save. Blood shed out of intense emotion, also We are all red underneath the skin.
    Mary, I believe means bitter, bitter of what? Maybe bitter of being judgment? It also means rebellion, rebellious against what? Maybe rebellious against judgment.

    Clever you can only write about something most won’t dare go near.

  8. Your write with such force and power.

    Beautifully well said sis.

    Here’s a quote:

    There are two kinds of pride, both good and bad. ‘Good pride’ represents our dignity and self-respect. ‘Bad pride’ is the deadly sin of superiority that reeks of conceit and arrogance. ~ John C. Maxwell

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