Estrella demonstration of desire


Festival moon


Illuminated city

I lost my virgin in your marble heart

My feet sore with your distance

These twice unloaded dreams

Steamed open in prequel

Never taste so sweet from the lips of tomorrow’s hung

Parceling out adverts for betterment

We lived and we died as we lived

Ambitions smelt on liberties arms

Sat arranged like actors, we’re gaining age under skies

The slender friend you had at ten

Whom you fought with and bequeathed your favorite puppet

Does she recall the feeling of her hand becoming animation?

I am weary too of holding my fingers in pretend

We are uncooked yolk moving in our sacks toward the crowd

All the riches and you are poor, bereft of succor

With not enough strength to hold a girl’s jaw as she bites

Down on her future

As you re-string your ukulele

Remember your children

Born in your brick lain bosom

They didn’t look back, reaching for

Your decision, gathering force

Lifting off our terrestrial habit

First they were born of you

Aiding terra firma in legacy

To exist even as we do not

Softness wrapping around like chains of hands

Forming diminishing circles

Rising in colored plumes to bid goodbye

To the seekers

With their shaved journey unveiled like a night bathed in stars

We loved and we died as we loved


20 thoughts on “Estrella

  1. I wrote this message on the other site:

    The picture and the whole poem fit & weave so well together.

    Superb! and epic surrealistic imagery and powerful words of might.

    This song is for you Sis…

    David Bowie.

    Love you… ❤

  2. I love this: “Does she recall the feeling of her hand becoming animation?”

    And this: “With not enough strength to hold a girl’s jaw as she bites”

  3. I can’t begin to describe what I feel from this. I love it, obviously. but I think it must be the last words “We loved and we died as we loved” that sums up the incredible sigh my soul makes at reading this. Brilliant, Lady. ❤

  4. I can see why you would relate to this as it goes along with the faith you have and how you see the world as I do, that love will redeem all ultimately if we are fortunate enough to find it (that being the tough part!) and pass it on to those we love and create in our hearts xo

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