Paul from palfittness has passed

Tony let me know that Paul has passed, I’m ashamed to say I had not known, his sister posted this today, for all of you who knew Paul, he was obviously struggling but always had compassion for others who were struggling and I for one wish I had been able to do more to help him, and I appreciated his kind heart and good intentions. Rest in Peace Paul you passed far too young and it is really, really sad.

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  1. I’m so saddened to learn this. There have been several blogger friends who have passed away, we need to be reminded that life is fragile and people are fragile

  2. Very sad…I’m sorry for your friend’s passing. I didn’t know Paul but would often see him reblog your posts, and new he really admired you and your writing. I read what his sister posted and thought it was kind of her to let his followers know of his passing. But, I didn’t care for her seeming need to set the record straight, without going into details, but certainly making sure people knew Paul wasn’t truthful in all things. Not my place of course to comment on this family matter that was made public, but whether she’s in the right or not, I just find it distasteful that a family member would use this forum, at this time to make sure she and members of her family are vindicated from anything that Paul may have said on social media. Though I knew you not, Rest in Peace Paul.

  3. I do hope Paul is now at peace. We all saw the struggles, but he remained a kind heart, always sharing others works, in his comments, etc. However, I too, agree with the others. Too much was said that was so very private. Whatever Paul was going through, it was unnecessary to broadcast it publicly. RIP Paul. I for one, will miss you ☹️

  4. I felt she was trying to vindicate herself too, rather than actually just express her sadness that Paul passed and that bothered me. I don’t know anything but I know Paul had a good heart, he and I were not close but he was incredibly nice when we talked and knew a great deal about the same things I like so we often shared ‘favorite’ memories of films from the seventies etc. I admired him because I knew he tried really hard to overcome things, which is all we can do. I don’t know what it was like to be a family member of his, I agree with you though that a forum after someone has passed, is not really a very good choice. I feel incredibly sad for Paul that his life ended so early.

  5. I heard the sad news about Paul’s passing…
    I think Wednesday or Thursday from “Daisy”.
    She had posted that Paul passed away.

    I wish I had known him and this brought me to tears and from what I heard he was going through a lot. Bless his soul. 😦

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