hijacked amygdala

When I think of all the hours I stared

at the carvings of a wardrobe making faces in dusk

or listened intently to the sound of monsters unfurling

beyond my bedroom window

and the dust settling on objects belonging to me

sleeping away another day

the sense of time passing

and what we own versus what we only purchase

for this short journey

a pearl within shell

fleeting like a play where all characters

are insubstantial and hardly formed

like voices calling from a great distance

with fog separating their meaning

what do we know of another’s journey

or the grief they store within their silence

what of the godless and their cleave

to make terms with empty skies and

when you lay your head on my lap

in my dark room with no windows

and you whisper all the swallowed hurt

you folded and re-folded within your heart


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11 thoughts on “Pearl

  1. First.

    I wrote this on “hijacked amygdala”

    Your imagery in this poem is impeccable and masterful.

    I caught myself crying because the way you write your words and how you express yourself in a very enigmatic way.

    Love you sister.

  2. Your words touch me deeply poetry’s muse as always.
    *a applause from quite hands in the corner* wink wink

  3. This really is a wonderful poem, Candice. From the start you had me thinking of my own childhood with the image of studying the wardrobe – mine was counting squares on a fire surround when I was ill in bed and could hear other children playing outside. The piece has your usual depth and insight to match the imagery. One line that stands out for me is this one: ‘what do we know of another’s journey’

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