As a woman

You feel very apart

Striving for sisterhood

From other women

Comparing and similar

As if they

Are all sitting together

Heads down and touching

listening to a song

Whose lyrics

You cannot hear

98 thoughts on “Sisterhood

  1. Betty, that’s so true, you fit well with the free thinkers I appreciate that in people they are breeding it out more and more with inculcated means of social conformity

  2. I have to navigate so many different people who would claim allegiance to one set of beliefs or another, all I find sensible to do is treat them all the same. If someone finds that offensive, tough. Most don’t and I’m always astonished by how interesting people are if you just talk to them.

  3. Believe it or not. I feel this way as well.

    When I hang out with my girlfriends family. I feel detached.
    Their always getting close together and I want to be involved
    but they seem like they don’t want me involved.
    I feel lonely to be quite honest with you.

    I know I have you and everyone else that cares…but here in my neck of the woods, its a different story. So, believe me when I say I feel lonely, it’s because I want to talk to someone. Why do you think I text you all the time. I know your busy…but it will help to hear from you so I won’t feel like this. I get depressed a lot and I hold everything inside. I don’t tell my girlfriend because she’s got too much on her plate. I cry by myself and yea…just thought I share that and I feel you.

  4. Indeed, also, I’ve always felt out of place with guys. All they talk about is cars boring, money boring, degrading woman which is not good, and their stupid fashion of style that is not even original at all.

    Sometimes I get a long more with woman…but then I choose sometimes the middle. I feel more like an alien. Someday…whoever is up out in the universe could take me and you together to explore another planet and universe.

  5. I’m glad you did…I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t in my life. I’d go confused and feel really empty inside and lost.

    I love you sister…just know I’ll always be there for you. Aliens forever you and I. 🙂

  6. Strangely … We are all alone.. Even though we are sisters. and yet.. there are still some, I feel more closer too..
    In fact I have WP friends who feel closer than real family.. for often we speak the same language..
    ❤ xxx

  7. Bless you for saying so Candice.. but we are mere reflections of each other.. xx Good night my friend, I am off to climb the wooden hill.. xxx ❤

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