IslBGI knew it when

I popped the car hood

instead of the gas tank lock

and you

without chastising

pressed it shut

the movement of your muscles

against your pink shirt

a combining of female and male energy

my Korean acupuncturist said

ill-health comes from imbalance

and I

may love a girl

with a neck like a tropical flower

but we flow through one another

yin and yang

taking branches of each others

life force

gathering energies like streaks of rain

hitting the windscreen as we drive

listening to old songs

hand in hand


31 thoughts on “Carburetor

  1. Loved the flow of this Candice.. and as a person who also has regular acupuncture.. These lines stood out
    “a combining of female and male energy
    my Korean acupuncturist said
    ill-health comes from imbalance”..
    may we keep on keeping the balance of Yin and Yang…
    Love and Hugs dear Candice.. ❀ πŸ™‚

  2. Peace in the last lines…..what so many of us are looking for and the harder we look it seems as if we push it even farther away than if we had just been still! Thank you for sharing your gifts! Beautiful, as always!

  3. I like this one. Short, sweet and to the point! Cars, guys and gals, Yin and Yang. Nice.

  4. A beautiful, tender poem. I love this, Candice. (When one thinks about it, carburetor is the perfect title. Don’t our bodies’ energies come from a similar process? Guess I should look that up…) Anyway, I think the whole poem is brilliant and touching. πŸ’•

  5. The accupuncturist really did say (and she’s an old fashioned real one, not that modern American kind) that sometimes same-sex relationships have that issue of not being able to balance due to the yin and yang. I can no longer really afford accupuncture, but I totally believe in it, for that and other reasons, though I’m not sure I think it’s to do with gender, but balance in terms of extremes?

  6. Your message is clear and wow!!!

    a combining of female and male energy

    my Korean acupuncturist said

    ill-health comes from imbalance

    Yes, the balance of two and how we should always remind ourselves never to tip over the scale too much. Otherwise, chaos ignites and the balance takes a hold of us.

    Brilliant just brilliant poem sis. πŸ™‚ I love you.

  7. Balance is Energy.. And whether or not we are Male or female attracted to any gender, its a matter of our Energies aligning, sparking if you will.. πŸ˜‰ And some time opposites attract, and clash at the same time.. That is the attraction.. Many now are finding that as they move through new alignments of Energy as the world changes, as we alter our own frequencies, we are moving forward, letting go, and we find those who were once in our circle are no longer a part of it, because we have moved through what and where we needed to be.. Our coming together and parting, all part of the process of learning, needing the energies while they are vibrant,.. When they are no long part of our vibrational field, then we find others energy draining us.. So it either causes us to clash in anger, or come to the realisation its not working.. It is our Human selves that carry the burden of guilt and bitterness, victim, and lack, And often until we move through our emotional baggage, we carry on being a victim, or we carry on being angry.. Balance comes from understanding ALL is Energy.. All is Emotion.. and when we step back a little from our humanness, We then begin to see why we needed to go through certain processes..
    It took me a lot of years to understand this, and let go of my own anger and disappointment and the feeling of being unworthy from my Mothers own energy of not caring and how she carried bitterness with her..
    We are all of us processed by our human experiences, especially if traumatic in childhood. And the Inner pain of the heart often can manifest into outward pain of the body..
    So Mind Body and Spirit are so important to keep in balance for all is one..
    Sorry, I just went with the flow of my thoughts here Candice.. and my soap box is now kicked under the table.. LOL
    Sending LOVE and more love your way.. xxx ❀

  8. Thank GODDESS for soap boxes is all I can say! Without them what would we be? The feeling of being ‘unworthy’ is perhaps the most poisonous, it takes forever if at all to get over that, I don’t know who to, but I see others who have. I admire this. I admire you. I admire that you can see this and get over your own anger and disappointment and how taking on the mantle of another’s bitterness is not the answer. I don’t think I have done that, but I see the legacy and tendency, I see how I do not turn toward the light but fester in the dark too much. You are so right, we are processed by our human experiences, the inner pain influences all pain, balance is everything. I don’t have the answers, but I attempt the walk and I listen to others like yourself who DO help so many walk and see the light. Thank you so much for that my inspirational friend.

  9. Awww… thank you Candice.. It takes time, and lots of tears, frustrations as we take on guilt ourselves.. Its not a journey I would wish upon anyone.. But when you wake up to who we really are .. We see we do not need to remain a victim.. Because we no longer need to carry the pain.. I learnt that the pain we hold within, is what we are choosing to carry.. Yes we were deeply wounded.. But if we had an outward scar, we would wish it to disappear, to heal and blend within our skin so it was no longer visible.. Yet we carry so deeply those inner scars.. the ones which words have dug deeper than any knife. Learning to let them go.. And see those who cast them in their true light also takes courage.. We are like onions.. Many skins have I shed.. each one creating their own tears.. But as each layer is removed, I get to the core of ME.. and begin to LOVE me for who I am.. Not what I was told I was..
    So its not an instant fix.. it takes work.. Affirmations, and learning to love ourselves..
    I am delighted if my words open up the desire to know that you are on the right path in your own healing journey Candice.. For yes, I hear lots of pain in your written words.. I feel that pain often very deeply.
    But once we truly do let it all go.. The freedom we feel is overwhelming.. Which is why I keep walking my Dream-walk.. πŸ™‚
    Much love, and another soap box bites the dust πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

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