Auto pilot

hijacked amygdala

Zdzislaw_Beksinski_56_1600x1200The day your father died

the day the towers burned

the day she found out she had a tumor

I was doing something irrelevant

caught on auto pilot

like the time the door bell rang and

the pizza man handed over a bag

how did you think a small bag could contain a large box?

you said as you ran after him shouting

you gave us the wrong order!

but he sped away on his little red bike

because he too was on auto pilot

and we dreamers who

find reality too hard

yet strive to know

we are often and regrettably lost

choosing puzzles over clarification

wandering the halls of the VA

in search of meaning

watching ruinous faces lose their facades

and close down

like unwound clocks tired

of ticking

when you had your first seizure

in the toilets and everyone began

to scream

I recalled my cousin…

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6 thoughts on “Auto pilot

  1. I’ve been on Autopilot more times then I care to admit. It’s never a good feeling. You’ve captured it perfectly. ❤

  2. I wrote this on your other site:

    I’ve always believed its better to live in our own world as oppose to this reality world we live in. However, managing ourselves in this world its a difficult challenge one that requires us to learn like the humans they are.

    Genius is…and I mean that from my heart to you. 🙂 I love this very much and my favorite poem of the day. 🙂

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