The growing chronicles #1 Bitters

I’m too tired

dear one

to refute your love of harm

or as you put it

hard but necessary truth

just as Swedish bitters are

good for you

spare the rod, spoil the child

so you ensured I learned the hard way


why then

do criticisms often taste

like gunpowder?

that overwhelming urge to correct at every turn

just like you were created to hurt?

what line, invisible or seen, exists?

to guide the critic in their pursuit

of picking apart the flaw

remaking anew and improved


you can do better

was my Christian name

you need to apply yourself more

the nightly prayer

and being absent

my response


you see

tear someone down consistently and enough?

you light them on fire

they become not as you hoped

your obedient (but inferior) acolyte

but something fragmented

a faulty firework longing to explode

earthbound and simmering beneath

your superior


18 thoughts on “The growing chronicles #1 Bitters

  1. Thank you. Your poetry WOWED me today especially the one I waxed lyrical on. Even without those gorgeous photos I would have thought so. Exquisite writing.

  2. Heart breaking. Makes me think of all the foster children moved from one home to another. One suffering like this is forever damaged, no matter how old they may be. Wounds on their hearts and soul which never heal. Thank you !

  3. Your poetry often makes me speechless, first because you are a master writer; and more important is the content. That you went through so much emotional abuse appalls me and I just want to reach out and heal the hurt. You have such a beautiful soul in spite of it all – I admire your strength and your ability to transmute your past into the most amazing poetry. Sending love to you dear Candice. ❤️💕

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