Wait always

Not once

Even then

Did i waiver

As our time slipped

Rabbit footed

Over polished surface

Gathering sheen

As a girl bent in task


To sefuse 


Not once

Even then

Capturing direction of air

In prayer

Not once

Even then

Our palms set

against the other


To slip

Not once 

In sickness or regain

As night stitched with drowsy stars

Will always remain 

Not once

Loosening the bond

Hung on moon light

Casting glow


17 thoughts on “Wait always

  1. Outstanding as usual. You, my dear, are a peach, If there were 2 of you, you would be a pear.
    My translators love that line. One of them says, “I would be a banana.” When asked why she says simply, “because I like bananas.”

  2. I love this very much, Candice. There’s a tender beauty in the imagery, and I detect a hint of sadness, perhaps in the repeating line “not once”. And that’s exquisitely clever when one thinks about it.
    Have been thinking of you, my friend. 🌸🥀

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