In sight of land

IMG_0923.JPGMercy is an unexpected hand, steadying

Mercy feels like rain

Mercy hurts as laughter will, the first time you smile again

Mercy is a series of white flowers, forging out of bleached, dry grass

Mercy is a silver arrow, piercing resistance

Mercy is the face you need to claim, before all air is lost

Mercy is the final flood, a lost song, a forgotten book, page 456, line 34

Mercy is your imperfectly knit blanket over my shoulders, smelling of bonfire wood, shivering against wolf pelt, in necklace of thorns

We pull and we pull

Our teeth, our reach, our ankles

Until dearticulated and reborn, pass on our baton of water

Mercy is a legacy

A line in land, seen from air

The silken scar, cut across suntanned throat

Mercy is hearing them again, whether a moment or year since, beholding under solvent skies

The memory of love, held too tight, between clenched fingers

Mercy is the separation between, what we let go and what we keep afloat

When darkness dissolves resolve

Mercy lends hope


43 thoughts on “In sight of land

  1. Wonderful! I believe it was Mary Gauthier who wrote a very cool song about mercy. Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!
    One of my favorite lines…”Mercy is the separation between, what we let go and what we keep afloat”… so very true! ღ

  3. The whole poem is beautiful. But those last two verses? Perfect!
    The thing that comes to mind now is: let’s have more Mercy on ourselves.

  4. You are so blessed with wisdom and the ability to reach in and touch others in places that never see the light of day. And so I am thanksful that mercy to is the restoration of health and wholeness as well as connections between kindred souls. Mercy is the Presence that comes when called to wrap His arms around us and allay our fears, like sunlight on cold water and a voice that reaches through the darkness to touch another’s heart and claim it captive in her keeping. Je t’adore et je t’aime mon ami!!! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. I don’t know why I paused on an otherwise chaotic day to come back to see what you’ve shared recently, but I’m so glad I did. Mercy stopped me in my tracks.

    “Mercy is the separation between, what we let go and what we keep afloat

    When darkness dissolves resolve

    Mercy lends hope”

    You beautiful, beautiful heart. You have turned this otherwise chaotic day into a canvas.
    Thank you

  6. Thank you so much dearest genevieve. I know a genevieve and that is without doubt one of my favorite names – she is a good egg and I have a belief all with such a name must be xo

  7. What an incredible comment – Gabe. Thank you so much. How do I follow that up? I would do it no credit as it is perfect and should be tattooed on my arm for those days I don’t feel I can go on. Thank YOU for such a lovely gift. Here is to less chaotic days ahead for you

  8. For you to say that of my writing affirms I must be doing something right. As I admire you more than you shall ever realize. Thank you so much. This was a sentimental truism I felt benefited sharing. Thank you so much for just existing alongside me.

  9. I’m so glad. I often don’t really know what you think of what I write – as you do what I do and use superlactives, I think it’s hard sometimes to summon the right words for how someone’s writing makes you feel – I know I get thunderstruck by some writing (and underwhelmed by others) but it means so much when you really like one.

  10. Read again as I always try to do. “When darkness dissolves resolve, mercy lends hope” . As do you! Thank you!

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