Thin skin

Selfish is vanity, thin skin needful of blubber to resist the freeze. For years in the future, what will it matter, if you were plain?

Some of the best people have warts, kankles, pot bellies, their radiance is not in exquisite feature.

So Freckled Girl, wishing you had fuller lips, higher cheekbones, darker skin; remember … when the lights go out, we’ll all have to learn brail.

Touching our way by coral reef, they said, things of love couldn’t live in the dark, without spotlights and balster.

Yet I suspect you couldn’t love me more if I were every kind of gorgeous creature, for the dream we inhabit began before we found shape and color and calcium.

When we swam informed and feeling, in warm soup, passing by the delight of one another, as rubbing softly, life is evoked from so little, as branches create friction and in time, fire.


64 thoughts on “Thin skin

  1. I agree. I think poetry is so underrated. I for one have always written and read it but still I find it mystical and a mystery. The only other thing that comes close to that, is love.

  2. That is a lovely compliment and from you I take it and humbly bow. I often think of what it would be like to give up this life and do something very different then I think of you and how you did that and I feel a great deal of admiration for the guts that took. I am not sure I can (logistically/financially) but if I were able, I’d do exactly what you have done, you did the right thing, and I admire you deeply for it

  3. Yes! That’s it in a nutshell. Poetry is the closest thing to love when it comes to our humanity. It’s a mystery, a mystical experience, a sacred ritual of expression, the bearing of souls, the lifting of spirits.

  4. Could be! I actually think we may be sisters separated at birth or something or I’m just extremely transparent!😊😊😊❀️😘

  5. Haven’t seen anything by you for a while so I was really glad when this turned up in my email. It is amazing. It made me weep with the truth of it. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. I’d be very happy with myself if I’d written that. Just know this – you have a rare talent.
    Sara x

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