Neon Dahlia

hijacked amygdala

Tempting as it is, to turn inward, write of long Winter and why

capture in ice outshines

the languid motion of sharing

tempting as it is, you are the subject not I.

A linguist of worlds

using your machine to stitch together discrepancies

you see no undertow

only thick muscles of rowing souls, garnering energy toward shoreline

and I envy you, Neon Dahlia

your simple, productiveness

how from nothing, comes nothing and still ..

you toil

unaware you are treading water.

I could tell you

look here, can’t you see? The futility

but I already know your answer;

what is futile, is in the mind

all else, just imagined sabotage

here in this seized moment, is the bare humus of your life

you live only once, don’t you want to fill it with all the experience you can gather?

your arms aching with fullness like flower sellers under hot tarp…

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22 thoughts on “Neon Dahlia

  1. I hope you don’t mind, and maybe this is strange, but I felt compelled to respond to your poem with poetry.

    You think me unaware
    that I feel no tug of undertow
    floating in my placid truth.
    But we are all treading water
    sucking the reward of breath
    for each push and pull of our strokes
    until the day of fate’s end
    line snapped
    waves too large to stay above
    current that drags us under.
    What makes me different? You wonder
    as I appear to hover above the waves
    innocent of struggle
    I feel inside me
    the million eyes of hope lifted up
    pleading for magic.
    There is no magic
    but to draw on the strength of the ghosts
    to absorb the courage of her
    and her, and her before
    the fire of certainty that blazed within them
    lit the bonfire in me
    for those who dare
    to light their own way.

  2. I prefer yours to mine and poetry responses are the BEST! Goes without saying, you’re very aware. I think I believed I was but am not. You are the world clearly. I struggle, wanting something else, rather than accepting and making peace with what is. Your answer shows your depths and your intimate understanding and I’m awed girl♡

  3. I nearly penned a poem too,
    but no,
    it would pale and burn to ashes
    I, who lack the strength to tread the waters
    of the world of words
    would surely drown.

  4. “How from nothing, comes nothing and still….” Takes us perfectly to the rest of your poem! Thank you for sharing your gifts!

  5. Thank you gorgeous girl – hope your studies are coming along? I know it can get much to do all those things at the same time but remember I have faith in you, you can do this!

  6. Ah ! Yes! You seem to go beyond anything I think and propel me into the future. I like that. you challenge things, you always do, and that takes a bright mind indeed. Thank you for challenging me to look further. Your comments are always VALUABLE and we cannot say that of things so often

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