Before their time

They say courage

Is learnable

Sometimes acquired in combat

 Trial by fire

But I have tasted white flames

Walked on coals

Swallowed whole

The seat of Hades

And still

Unable to grasp pole and walk electric tightrope

Never brave

A weathered rock unable to move

Even as sea receeds and escape, presents herself

It is not courage I possess

But by default

Staying power

Sometimes it is easier to be frozen 

Than act or flee

Simpler to tred water than

Drown or swim to distant shore

I am well versed in biding time

Treating days as if they were not precious

Undisciplined in

Owning my error

Avoidance becoming


They said I was a free spirit

I say

I was a gutless procrastinate

How long will life have waited

For me to act? Before

Sighing in disgust

She throws in her hat

Leaving me to consequence

For surely, what we believe in youth, will not burn

Catches up

Paying back ten fold

The only life is the one you make

To be a spectator in your own existence

Is not even a half measure

There is no reward for cowardice

No fulfillment in hiding

Life is a burning bush lighting darkness

It doesn’t burn nearly long enough


Are made of nothing without

Ernest endeavor 

Do not put yourself off

Climb the mountain

Conquer the voice telling you not to bother

For soon we are too feeble

Too near that twilight of the soul

It will be late then to lament

Take care never to postpone


And if you must, do not be harsh 

For those who stumble can continue to try

One day it will all be so worth it

Every ache, every struggle

Mighty is not always the healthy mind

But those who refuse to lay down 

And die before their time

33 thoughts on “Before their time

  1. Well done! Sometimes the pause is necessary to build in that part that can only be uniquely you. But, yes, forward!

  2. Heaps of power coming through in this. Treading water may be a precursor to a big push forward, we may be waiting for the inner wave and when we feel that soul possiblity stirring deep within and rising up we summon our courage to ride it. ❀

  3. Who defines courage! It is different for each one of us and it comes in stages. We are not stoutly brave until forged by the fires of hell into the person we were meant to be, the one who rises like the phoenix out of its own ashes more beautiful than ever before. It is always a mistake to measure bravery by comparison. No one walks the same road as we and therefore they know not what it’s like or how they would deal with our trials. Let no man judge anything of your life until he has walked a mile in your shoes which we know is really an impossible task. The same is true for others, we cannot know what it is like to walk in their shoes nor how to fight the “dragons” that come against them. Sometimes, love, just standing in place and holding our ground takes great courage!!! Je t’aime, N πŸ™‚ ❀

  4. Courage is a sort of a “learned behavior”, and until you’d walked through the trials of your own life physically, emotionally, and psychologically, you will NEVER be strong as you can be…

  5. Your courage is innate. You have known real fear which is essential for bravery. I know you are not talking about phobias, but, although I have climbed a number of metaphoric mountains, I have given up trying to conquer my fear of real ones.

  6. Candice, I hadn’t read this yet when something made me repost “Giant” today. Now I read your powerful poem and realize the synchronicity of it. (You hadn’t read mine yet either.) Your beautiful poem is the alchemy of what happens when we climb the mountain with or without courage (and without outside help). You’ve taken it farther with reminders not to take any portion of life for granted. To live it fully, come what may. A wonderful piece this is. ❣️

  7. Wow!
    I remember once, at a time when I lost myself in a flurry of activities, making sure no amount of time was spent idle (I felt I would drown if I stopped treading water), my therapist asked “Do you mean that priests and monks and nuns’ lives are unworthy because they are in quiet contemplation?”
    I believe it’s similar to what you said here. Your life is not measured in how many things you accomplished, but in how they relate to your life. How true they hold for you.
    Being a rock is a great thing. If you’re Christian, that’s the foundation of the Church.
    If not… even if you’re drowning under miles of water, being a rock is being a home to animals and plants that can use it to not drift aimlessly in the ocean of life, and grow from there.
    A rock is a very valuable thing. Don’t dismiss its value!

    As for the rest… I guess I spoke about it in the beginning. The most important thing for each and everyone of us is the journey we go through on this Earth. Whether we travel it alone or not, achieve many things or not…
    And you’ve achieved plenty, if only through poetry that touches the hearts of many and helps us grow.


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