More than we fear

If I couldn’t

Be relied upon

I would still

Try to stand strong

And if I fell

And those who are my kith and kin

Let me fall, rudderless

I believe I would still

Try to stand once more

This attending effort was not

Born to me

I was a slothful child

Idolent in summertime, slow to come home

Engrossed in the token more than press of life

Missing meaning within magpie’s shiny locket

I may blame a lack of moral structure

But it was ever my way to remain hollow, we are vessels of sound

The rod or the wild, we choose in our forming

I chose the willow path overgrown by neglect

You, it was you, years hence

Bending with an acrobats supple spine

Taught me purpose and value from your own pain

Late and much too past, still never entirely lost

On even the laziest soul, truth can take hold

I thought I knew truth

Until I learned to listen truly

I thought I knew loyalty

Until I witnessed real mercy

It was as if I had ever not, known a thing

And wiped clear of experience

Began anew, shivering in dawn without wrapping

I couldn’t see then, the other shore 

Or how

Waves are measured in metric pulse, known to moon 

I walked among prophets blind

And only saw my own, sorry reflection

I bled and believed myself insightful

When the blood was void of rust

You see, it takes rhat meterlurgic alchemy

To disipher ourselves and then, once seeing, cross that wasteland

I believed my intuition when I only saw shadows

No crucible of real direction I walked without legs, on the back of dry twigs

Until, woven with deception, snap, the pasture denied me 

Even the position of desicated scarecrow

For I was just an approximate, empty inside, tredding fallow

Without hunger or thirst, nourishment naught

Nobody to stand as sign post

If I couldn’t

Get up from my knees, though they were made of lead

And discover the dream, still in embryonic state 

That has been here all along, put away, almost forgotten

For we are, born to dream

Not to linger in collapse but

Leap graceful without weight

The chains imposed, released to fall

Cleanly from their imprisonment

Shackles are no natural state, prisoners of ourselves

Each of us has, a measurement of myth

Wings to fly and imagine if

We let go of shame and doubt

Those habits cast around us in woe

Lift, lift, oh that we could

Find the fabric beneath the world

And swim in unisen to its music

If I couldn’t 

I would not still be here

Trying to prove we are always

More than we fear

35 thoughts on “More than we fear

  1. Fear is a hard habit to break. *shrugs* Most times, it’s quite easier to deal with than the alternative of being brave.

    “Shackles are no natural state, prisoners of ourselves

    Each of us has, a measurement of myth

    Wings to fly and imagine if

    We let go of shame and doubt

    Those habits cast around us in woe”

    I think you do an excellent job of depicting fear, letting go and loose of shackles that bind and trap, and then being brave enough to move on and be what one needs to be in order to survive.

    Not always easy, but most times necessary.

  2. Death of the self we knew, rebirth and discovery of another version, tripping over ourselves as toddlers do, becoming something new this time around, only the lingering memory of the lost to guide the way, in search of a solid foundation on which to rebuild ❀

  3. You’re welcome. No thanks needed. You do what you do best, Candice. *nods* Be good to you. Be especially good to you.

  4. I still remember rediscovering the joy of walking after months of leg injury recovery. It has been a guide for me ever since.

    My best to you!

  5. Profoundly & so honestly expressed. Sometimes we don’t realize the strength & fortitude we truly have until we need to call upon it. And remember you are never alone in this fight. ❀

  6. Just amazing, triumphant writing, Candice, with multiple levels of imagery, memories, and experience. Those last seven lines are so filled with bouyancy, upliftment, that brought it all together into one astounding poem. Wish I could write like that! Beautiful, Candice. β€οΈπŸ’•

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