Show your tongue to me

Let me tell you

How you are

Roll up and discover

The underside

Where panther unfurls

Too hot in the sun

We wear our outside smiles

With blisters hidden

Connected in swallow

Board a bus, get out

But the breath will know



An ease in this hope

There is clear air ahead

Just breathe

Away the false

What cannot be spoken aloud

A sore throat is never 

Just a sore throat


11 thoughts on “Lingua

  1. ” We wear our outside smiles”… YES, I refer to it as the mask. I’m good at wearing it. Or used to be. I decided to try and leave it home as often as I can now.

    I’ve always suffered from sore throats, from the time I was a child.
    I’ve known for a while that it’s not just a sore throat. It’s words that need to be said but can’t be spoken for fear of backlash or of hurting someone.

    I hope one day I am allowed to speak my truth freely and sore throats will be a thing of the past.

    Thanks for writing this. It resonates with me.

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