The memory of fire

Most habits

Are learned lazily

Incorporated into being, before aware 

Of what it means to be.

A habit is a slothful fellow

Whispering in our ears;

You’ve done it before

Come sit by the fire 

And watch others rush at life

Put your aching bones close to the warmth

Feel the security of what you’ve gone and done

So many times

And if you were asked

To break out of your stupor

Throw water on the fireplace, dousing heat

And with no preparation

Launch into a violent rain storm

Obscuring your direction

Lashing your sides with chill

Would you follow?

Thrill seekers maybe

The very young, the chronically overlooked

That girl with braces who wanted to be the busty blonde

Maybe they’d fall like extinguished stars

Into the storm

And from their yearning to matter, to win 

They’d keep going long after the memory of fire was lost

Fighting without knowing why, on the off chance

Suffering brought you nearer

To really living and grabbing by the throat

Its beaten heart

Or you may forgive yourself

The hesitancy of those

Born fatigued by knowledge

This world’s loose knots and fallen heroes

As a splayed chess board can be used

For kindling

I used to imagine outside my window, the clamoring future


I sit staring at flames 

As they consume and turn to coal

Painted stages

And it is the soft stir of moonlight

Lifts my gaze 

Watching the edge of time, rub herself dry

All things will come and go

Whether we chase or remain rooted

It is the repetitive homage of a circle

To revisit ourselves

Standing beyond shelter

Contemplating beneath infinity

Our place in the universe

26 thoughts on “The memory of fire

  1. Wow– this poem is amazing. TYSM for your card this year btw. I am going to send you back some correspondence. I do love this poem and the same kind of thought has been on my mind which you expressed so beautifully here.

  2. After five years you have never ceased to intrigue me. Your passion for your craft is indisputable. It’s been an absolute pleasure. I truly hope your future has been written in some glorious way.
    Your Viking follower ❀️

  3. Utterly and truthfully profound!!! How very splendid and prophetic are your words, love!!! It reminds of a movie I saw and bought decades ago called QUEST FOR FIRE. Love, N πŸ™‚ ❀

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