Once more

You do not acknowledge

The serpent around your neck


Pay heed to that crushing feeling in your chest

Instead you imagine

You are a bird

Your eyes are clear and you spie

The very fabric of the sky

Wielding like unteathered kite

If you could write

A story about the world below

You’d tell a tale of an unknowing girl

Who by her fate

Fell into a well

Too deep for recovery

And at night

Espying the free bird

Sent her heart

While her body, a poor glove

Dried into shapes of shadow

The girl flew

High above her earthly prison

Weightless, painless, without burden

And when she cried, it was not

The cry of pain or loss

But a new sound, like being born

Once more

40 thoughts on “Once more

  1. This reminds me of the final stanza of “To Althea, from Prison” by Richard Lovelace:

    Stone Walls do not a Prison make,
    Nor Iron bars a Cage;
    Minds innocent and quiet take
    That for an Hermitage.
    If I have freedom in my Love,
    And in my soul am free,
    Angels alone that soar above,
    Enjoy such Liberty.

  2. I love your quotes my friend this is perfect. Beautiful and so true I must read this when I feel imprisoned by this illness it will help thank you so much for your support it makes a big difference

  3. I shall try my friend. At the sixth month mark. I inadvertently set myself up by assuming I’d see some improvement by now but the virus waxes and wanes and so right now I’m very bad BUT everything I read says it DOES go away and you can fully recover so I try to have hope. Some days I fail but friends like you help a lot.

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