The blood of words

I am addicted

To the ever deep pool of your mind

Hearing boys say, to a younger version of myself

Don’t be too serious girl, lighten up

You look so pretty when you smile

I read, people gravitate towards humor

I move

In the direction of a bright mind

Illuminating darker recession

It is evident I will never, win popular award

I do however, seek eternally

Your inky thirsty thought

It has told me

To fuck off

Countless times

And hurt me

With the shards of a shattered cup

Pieces too finely crushed to piece back

But when I witness

Your pensive half smile and darkening eyes

When I read your words, smudged on page and hold my breath for wonderment

When I listen

To what you are not saying, in half turned observation, listing on margin

I ache

In a place I had left hallow


Time would heal it over

And it may never

For your existence

Is a shape in my head

A girl with the blood of words

Urging me to remember

The wonder of thought


27 thoughts on “The blood of words

  1. This makes the poem all the more captivating. The ending:

    “A girl with the blood of words

    Urging me to remember

    The wonder of thought”

  2. Captivating. Your words piercing the dullest of moods.
    The feather may not be sharper than the sword, but it cuts even deeper.

  3. Words can be salvation for some and hell for others. I try to choose mine wisely but you just never know how they will eventually be received.

  4. Brilliant post! You really captured a deep feeling that translated well! X

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