New season

(This is from one of my poetry collections, I’m not writing much poetry at present due to my illness, so I will be re-posting older poems until I am up and running again).


When we were young

Wearing thrift store clothes like raw diamonds

Unshaved legs soft in abandon

One pair of shoes, muddy by door

Tumbling into bed without washing

Seemed like hair grew over night

And every day we woke fresher

Favorable light is youth

A supple branch that bends


We sat opposite each other cross-legged

Nimble in rolling weed

Feeling everything

Each other’s fluid tread

The children in our future

Kicking impatient song

Staying up all night

Laughing at where time had gone


We had plenty for every record

Listening carefully

See the message

Head back in dream

Impregnate the future

With transposed screen


When we were older

Cold the tiles this time of year

Flossing by the sink

Seeing bags and thinning hair

My breasts

Surely didn’t hang so low


Why does it take so long

To prepare ourselves?

First the mask

Then the teeth

Finally the wig

Are we in age

Madam Tussaud’s wax figures?

Where did sleeping on laughter

Shift to carefully preserved?


But as I climb into bed next to you

Cold limbed

A light headache

I feel the same


The familiar

And age falls from me

As leaf from tree

To become dormant and turn to bud

With new season

Such is time

When you are

With me

25 thoughts on “New season

  1. I think, also, this: what do women have to do with age to be wanted and feel wanted? What peace must come when you can let down the glamour after the day and just be you? Can’t age be honored and cherished without having to put on such a show? Not to say one lets loose of oneself to the point that there is complete loss of self-respect, but all women have to do even when they’re older to keep up appearances seems to have a bit of heart ache. Do feel better soon, poetess.

  2. Resonating with your poem (as I often do).
    And your book arrived a few minutes ago – thank you, thank you! Can’t wait to start reading!!
    I hope you feel well enough to write more soon. Sending good thoughts for your health….still wish I could wave a magic wand over us both. 💕

  3. When we have the comfort of another and love and loyalty too, everything else fades away. It’s good to see you reposting your work, but hopefully, each passing day will get easier to endure.

  4. Amazing! This made me think of some of the last poems I wrote. Posted my first post for this year. I’m also chronically ill. Beween founding out my diagnoses, starting a job, getting use to medication, things have been hectic, lost my fire to write. But catching up on all my favourite bloggers, I’m determined to get back on track. Thank you for your beautiful poem!

  5. Although I am not a woman, I found this very calming and peaceful as I deal with a male’s aging process and view toward a next life.

    Damn you’re good!

  6. aww… I want you to feel young again dear just like that a the end.. to get your “healthy” life back …instead of getting cheated by time right now…pulling at you down a road of pain you don’t deserve…its not fair… I want this to break sooner than later for you… I want to hear that new poem one day in how you are free of it…and your body is whole…and you are whole again with a change of focus to your mind…and your being is just lighter in all ways for it. I want that for you…. love you sister dear P

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