From formless


Carries the strength of her foresisters

The weight of her thighs

Weighs rivers swell

In tip and measure


Defends the feeding babe

Climbs her own knot of thorns

With quills in her back

And knife wounds smiling

Her breasts leak

Her center of gravity is the iron mantle

Set like a spinning throne in Earth’s center

The very blood of her is metal

And a handful of spring

And a mouth kissing

And a belly birthing

Her entirety

The mound of her sight

Stretching like

Hands clasping hands over time

Here is the unbroken connection

Of women

If they will be kind and not snare

Her sisters, raven haired, red and light as snow

We are the rise and set of day

The future in her oracle

We bring or we deny

Our destiny and reach

Seize your place

Take a hand

Bend to the wind

And cartwheel

Spinning like golden circle

Is both night and day

Coming from shade, ocean, dust

Eternity is


25 thoughts on “Woman

  1. Tremendous poem. Beautifully written as always. If only it was so…Sadly I fear the bonds between women are more wishful thinking than reality. I’ve always found groups of women competitive and passive aggressive. But we can always hope for change…
    Liked the artwork too.

  2. THere is A MiSSinG pArt From
    Many but not all a he
    in a her and a she
    with a he butt
    it’s impossible
    to rid the World of
    wHeRe we come from or come
    in for without Divine Feminine Life
    is not Worth Truly Living for A Grace and
    Love Foundation oF aLL Will and Strength
    ThaT King and Queeendom Comes ToGeTheR
    OncE AGaiN.. Funny it is for when i undressed the
    Love and Grace as me i became Harder and Stronger
    With more Will than ever Before but the JellY WiTHiN A
    of me
    Still Dances
    and Sings with
    SpRinG oF AiR LiGHT
    WaTeR DiViNE A MoTHeR’S
    Touch WiTHiN A He wHo Rises more
    As A FaTHeR AnD MoTHeR BRoTHeR
    SiSTeR SoN DAuGHTeR aLL aRe We wHeN WHoLE
    As FriEnd
    to us and me
    and we and i
    them as you..
    Anyway.. nice to still be seeing you around
    Giving And Sharing Your Art Past and Present
    As Muse to inspire for wherever inspiration comes
    A Friend
    is at Hand
    Candice the Feathered Sleep..:)

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