Along with recovery

I had wished

For one neighbor’s heart to heal, as he tried to mend a leak

Another, to survive the scouge of sudden cancer

For the little bird to find her red box

Fill it with branches and lay her eggs

Nestled blue against the hope of frail humans

For rebirth and warmer days

When the winds were the only thing to die

And maybe the scold in a voice, twisting the knife

Yes, wish it away, along with traces of fear

You have survived the winter, you are still here

The same curled toes and cold fingers, clinging on

If you don’t die, you live, and that’s what you find

As false friends fall and new are born

As spring gathers her skirts and grass turns from brown to hopeful green

As your neighbor touches your hand and his eyes speak

Of the simple gratitude of caring

You didn’t receive it where you thought it would be

There are branches higher up than you can see

Maybe the little bird right now is looking for her nesting

And just like you, she seeks the comfort of knowing

If you make your home warm and secure

They can huff and puff

But you will


26 thoughts on “Endure

  1. Reblogged this on crjen1958 and commented:
    Security and Vancouver Police kicked my off a shopping mall property, because i was watch through a windows,

    as young girls learn the art of dance..

    i find the kicking of me off the property, disrespectful..

  2. i was kicked off the property, by security an Vancouver Police, a dirty cop with stripes…

    I find the art of dance even more beautiful when practiced by children…

  3. My dear friend this is absolutely beautiful. ❤
    We never really know how much we will have to endure in this life, or for how long. As we also never truly know how much we can endure, until we are required by circumstance to endure it. Perhaps most of us in the end find that we can endure much more than we ever thought we could, at least I’d like to think so.

  4. Oh forgot to mention saw a cardinal today, and for the last few days I’ve been thinking about the bird’s nests I’ve noticed in the leafless trees waiting for Spring, which hasn’t fully sprung yet in my area. I was thinking about how much the birds have to endure during the long winters up north, the ones that don’t migrate to warmer climates just have to tough it out. How sometimes life is like that, like surviving a brutal winter waiting for Spring. Low and behold you wrote a poem reflecting my thoughts and then some. Like you read my mind 😉

  5. I think as our winter here gets colder and I wait for someone absent I will print this out and read it over and over to gain comfort. It is tender and oh so lovely…. you really are such a gift to life, Candice. ❤ ❤

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