Of a child

When did you stop thinking

Your bike would be cold out in the rain

Your fish may feel lonely in its bowl

If you missed a step the pavement would swallow you whole

When did you stop caring?

If teddy was wrapped safe in his bed

Or crying over the story of an orphan, ask

Can we help them?

When did you cease

Being, that person?

I think we grow less up than down

If children’s hearts contain truth

Each year we move further away

Let us move backward then to find

The next step capable of returning

The adult to their former compassion

Growing toward not from, the child who asked

Will the ducklings miss their mother when they are grown?

Will you always be here to tuck me into bed?

If I pray for granny in heaven will she visit us again?

When I grow up I want to make all the sick children well again

And I can, because I have the pure heart

Of a child

22 thoughts on “Of a child

  1. It’s really hard, to maintain that innocence we should’ve had as a child, because of how AWFUL this world is, and, some of us had lost that innocence, and some of us were lucky enough to find it back, while others, not so much…

  2. It is a beautiful poem and a sweet sentiment — though i’m pretty sure my experiences with children don’t indicate that they’re all so pure-hearted. I suspect you might have been special.

  3. Such tender reflections. As you know, my first wife died when my son was a toddler. His son was 5 when he gazed skywards and said, almost to himself, “If granny in the sky hadn’t died, we wouldn’t have Uncle Sam”

  4. So true that we forget all the things we thought as a child we lose our fascination for nature and other things too quickly it seems. Have a nice day.

  5. Good grief what insight for such a little boy! That’s something isn’t it! No surprise as he is yours. You did right by him, in a time when that was even harder than today, and I shall never forget that story you were kind enough to share with me, nor the strength and compassion you have had since. It is one of many reasons I count you dearly and respect the heck out of you

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