We may depend upon nothing

except the strength of not laying down

our conscience, there in forked roadway

with the languid grace of a woman rising from steam

one direction will be covered over with water

you’ll have to learn to find your inner amphibian

and if you are successful at shucking off your humanity

retreating primordial beneath turbine waves

give a thought to those who toil above you in spirit houses

burning their feet on tar sprayed land

it reeks of our short lived desperation

like stalks of young corn, we blaze from green to gold

the sand of our time, trickling ever faster through thin glass

thinking in a fleeting lifetime we behold

true wisdom

while rivers and seas we pollute, in short-lived wake

remain behind as we turn to dust, then clay

it is not our nature to care what comes after we are gone

our footprints would not singe the serenity of nature so vividly

if gathering mercy outside our own existence, were our way

yet, imagine the unfolding beauty of caring for something outside ourselves

and softly we atoned our fits of rage, in wanting to have it all

before the sun sets for always and another day is born

31 thoughts on “Conscience

  1. there is an earth theme around the blogosphere at the moment, a cry and a call for respect towards each other, the earth mother and her bounty. You have joined your voice too, to this call 🙂

  2. This line, “if gathering mercy outside our own existence, were our way”, reminds me of an exchange recalled in a talk by Gregory Bateson. An art historian had been tracing the changes of world view leading up to and during the Renaissance through paintings. He had come to Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Virgin Of The Rocks” and commented on how the family was so much in the foreground and the landscape was distant. Barry Commoner, the ecologist, asked, “What do you hold sacred?” The speaker answered (uncomfortably), “The human family, I suppose.” Commoner replied, “Bert, if you don’t hold the frogs in the waterfalls as sacred as the human family, you’re doomed.”

    We must learn to gather mercy outside our own existence, as individuals and as a species.

  3. Insightful, powerful and beautiful. The ability of humanity to survive & thrive is directly related to our ability to recognize that all life is connected. How we treat all life, how we treat one another, how treat ourselves profoundly affects all of us. How different the world could be if we all saw each other as extended family. Naïve perhaps, but maybe you have to be a bit naïve to hold onto hope in the world today.

  4. ”Retreating primordial beneath turbine waves”… it’s like you were in my head last night , wow. Read my poem “Deep Sea Fathoming, which I wrote last night.

  5. of the earth and all connected – who could ever think our consciousness is a random act of nature, or that our dust and our clay do not rise again when asked by consciousness for another moment in the sun …

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