Where uncertainty cannot

Her need

To be held

Close against her wet neck

The taste of summer and leather seats

Tears and well played songs

Her perfume and the laundry smell of clothes

A bird repeats its protesting caw

Sprinklers intermittent

They lie wrapped around the other

Glistening lizards on stucco

Her thighs are muscular

Beads of persperation

And a haunted look in her eyes

Like a car crash playing on repeat

She wants to touch her deeper

Than tragedy can reach

All the way beneath her skin

Where uncertainty cannot dictate and only then

Head flung back and nimble neck stretched

She lets out a cry

Catching the top of trees

Like unexpected summer breeze

So far from fear

For a time, it is forgotten


28 thoughts on “Where uncertainty cannot

      1. Dearest Shielmaiden, I take everything you say to me in the spirit it is given. And I’ve always known your heart to be sincere and beautiful! Thank you. ❤


    1. Thank you Kindra. Coming from you, a writer I adore, that means such a lot. Thank you for taking the time to encourage me it really does work and help as you know how hellish it can be to have any confidence in what we do.


    1. Made me think of that JG Ballard book CRASH except I took exception to that book when reading it because I thought at the time (got my knickers in a twist about it) that it was sexist for sexualizing car crashes until I grew up a bit and saw what he was really doing/saying with the story. Now I think it’s quite clever.

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