Beneath your coat

Losing your mind feels like

Slipping your chaffed hands into a pair of rubber gloves

Plunging them into hot washing up water

Hearing the chink of porcelain, knocking against glass

Impossibly fragile.

Soon the water grows murky

You cannot see, nor reach the bottom

From the top of your head to the ache in your feet

Standing wooden, bones imploring, knitted sweater itching corner of your cheek

Passion in contrast, hot freedom, dusty legs slightly parted, cold between

An urge as you stand beside the sink

To dive in

Silent impulse on a cold day to keep your hands deep

As long as the water stays hot

That feeling when most of you is dry and clothed, but part

Is submerged in warmth, feeling like fingers working their way up

Stockings, underwear, the electric wire beneath wool

Into the mirage of your longing to let go, absolve yourself of .. it all

If you could release, lie back in kneeding waves

You might let your weary cracked elbows

Then shoulders, sopping, sink beneath

Climbing into the sink, patent shoes slipping

Brassiere faded by multiple wear, a grey strap, a bulge of apricot breast

Hair loose and dripping, reflecting against dull tin

A buttoned up woman trying to gain admittance

All thoughts stewing in your head like vegetables boiled in water lose

Their flavor …

As politely you wash and rinse, checking against light for water spots

No one shall ever know, the devouring urge beneath your coat


40 thoughts on “Beneath your coat

  1. Wow!!… That was a very visceral and vivid read for me. How does one describe the slipping away, the losing of oneself? You did so here.

  2. Thank you. I personally like this poem and I do not like (THAT much) all that I write by any means, so when I do I have to ask myself, why does it speak to me? Interestingly the ones people like best I usually like least and vice versa, my favorites are not usually others. Each to their own and all but I’m glad you liked this one as I did. For me it explained the shifting into losing time/your mind as well as a sexual frustration that was lit by the exploration of the mundane (washing-up) and the emotions of ordinary life and what we as you say, hide.

  3. Well I have no complaints because you are a beautiful person inside and out. But never let others dictate what you want to do, that’s the price of creativity and you are always well within your rights to express yourself girl

  4. Dear lord. I told you didn’t I? A close friend had brain surgery and had staples? I didn’t know you had so many that is a LOT that’s practically your entire skull. You are such a fighter and trooper and survivor, never forget that. I can’t believe you had six just now! Be careful my friend! BIG HUGS

  5. Wow.. visceral – gut wrenching explosion of emotions one can no longer contain within the mind.. what we hide can take one to the brink of no return..
    Brilliant write – I love your talented self😊

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