They ran through markets

elms strung with sari’s

bedecked with jewels and

girls kenning their heads

babes at their breast

growing crowns of red and indigo

she pressed into my palm

the spell of her rune

smelling of Finnish water stone

rubbed over and over beneath time

leaves still containing their flung pigment

where slippered feet ran and picked them

casting their glass throng to glory

she has the shiny hair of a child and

cheeks full for her pressed size

she who is gone and now returned

talking in other languages with Irish accent

she who manifests and disappears and is reborn

doesn’t look large enough to give birth

or sing at the top of a road the song of her

we were

separated by water and fear and longing

broken in sea, put back together by current

I was always swimming in her direction and the

light tread of her spring

she is a carnival of paper-cut outs

wearing scarlet hose and rings on her toes

yet upward / yet down in earth where

roots inform her choices as well as ancestor

she is of me and I

am stranger and intimate

familiarity is a rubbed sleeve on silver

her thin knees beneath duvet

twitching dreams caught in muslin

tents in high wind holding their claim

sheared gravity, she is lifted from her sail

and through the tarot of her eyes

I see each snapshot and Rorschach blot

when they told us friendship will expire

they did not know

the language of ink and how

it leaves itself

swirling for paper

on which to draw



22 thoughts on “Rune

  1. To sing her thrilling song
    To stars and waves and sky
    For neither old nor young
    The phoenix does not die,,,May Sarton.

    We are all a Phoenix; sisters, mothers, women, friends…even ourselves!

  2. Ah so true my friend and what is funnier still is this is a poem to my friend who is called RUTH so you are a double coincidence! (plays Twilight Zone music)

  3. A beautiful piece Candice, and I loved the joy in your words, especially these gorgeous lines.
    “she is a carnival of paper-cut outs
    wearing scarlet hose and rings on her toes”

  4. your poetry is so beautiful, I could read it forever. Just hold onto the words. I am making a mental note to visit. You know I have had serious problems with children’s mental health, hospitalization, anorexia. suicide threats, epilepsy, failing marriage, ADHD, and autism, sort of kept me away a bit…

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