The man wasn’t yet forty

Had cancer four times

Told her; This time I can’t survive it

She asked; Why are you still at work?

Don’t you want to leave it behind?

Take a trip? See the redwoods?

But before he answered, she knew

The photos on his phlebotomists table

Of three little faces, told her why

And it made her angry that they both lived in a country where

Dying people had to work for their children

To receive healthcare

And she was more angry

With her own lack of appreciation

For a healthy life that she possessed

Without children

Or any reason to try so hard

And he was brave because he had no choice

And she was weak

Because she did


26 thoughts on “Survival

  1. When I think of the disaster that is healthcare and simply surviving period in this nation, I lose my cool. IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THE WAY that it is. And, it isn’t getting any better.

    This poem… the depth and seriousness of it says all that it needs to without saying too much. That’s a gift, Candice.

  2. I sit and breathe. Something wells up. Is it grief? Is it rage? It is both. The place of a dying man who has young children is with them, making the happiest possible memories, loving with all the strength he has.

  3. This is a true story. He keeps getting cancer he’s so young. It seems incredible he can still work. Your way of seeing this is the only redemptive way of seeing this. His children have an incredible role model.

  4. Healthcare got worst. Poor old people and people with cancer. Hospital tell people in Michigan. Doesn’t effect credit and seven year will fall off. They want to help and their hands are tied.

  5. I do understand that there are needs like doctors in this country want to earn more, but when hard working people are bankrupt by basic healthcare needs it just doesn’t work that’s why when ObamaCare came out I didn’t cheer, it’s not ‘affordable’ healthcare and until it is, the only people who ‘benefit’ are the minority.

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