For as we live, we hide the place we found

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In polite society, I was born before 1999 and know

You oughtn’t make mention of wanting to be fucked

Then behind your clean starched mask, you tilt wildly

Stringing sentences with unevenly matched Japanese pearls

Wanting to reduce the sauce and toss your marrow

Spilling on good clean table cloth

Pent up urges

Good girls with breeding

Even those with tattoos and bar bells

Have no karaoke for the need to be sexed

It’s unacceptable

Unless you’re a muse of Mira Nedyalkova

To show your keening before nightfall

If indeed there is a room for

The un-beautiful cast offs

Dampening their secret gyrate

When the door bell chimes

And lust must be folded against bedtime book

Empty beds, careless marriages

They stopped touching you, as the record ended

Scratching against needle in the sleeping dark of disinterest

Still you had unquenchable thirst

Standing by the window watching swallows…

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6 thoughts on “For as we live, we hide the place we found

  1. Yeah, I think you’re definitely back. There’s no doubt about that, especially when reading these lines:
    “And I felt your mouth measure my climb
    Into the breast of a cloud, oxygen deprived, no cry is heard
    But the cymbals of holding back are loosed
    Falling a great weight, your fingers entwined into my roots

    I waited beyond my lifetime for someone like you
    To open my need, pull me into you, set me free
    For as we live, we hide the place we found
    Ourselves that first time the sky splitting wide
    Beneath the tree with fingers inside, stroking to climax
    That unbearable feeling of being alive”

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