Breaking rules


Maybe I am that cliche

you warned your friends about

wasn’t it you? Huddled together at the bar

watching me

I could easily say you wanted a piece

but I’m classier than that

instead, leave it up to you to assume

a girl who likes girls would like


I worked hard at being

the opposite of your cliche

you think I didn’t know how it was?

babysitting watching parents watching me

wondering without saying, what they were thinking

written in bubbles above their heads

do lesbians abuse children as well?

I have spent a life time

hands off

not looking too long

(incase they assume, and it is an assumption)

not touching

(incase they think, oh she’s giving me a sign)

not being myself

because I had to be careful of your

wrong thoughts

it wasn’t me who gave you cause

like any rumor you didn’t need much, to believe

all girls who liked girls, would like you and might

stalk you or leap on you unprovoked

and how many times did I want to write


in large letters above your bed

because you couldn’t earn my desire

if you spent the rest of your life running

I’m not any different to you and I’m totally different to you

because I don’t rent my emotions by the hour

don’t fall for every girl just because I like girls

the opposite is true

there have been so very few

my heart is a squeezed lemon

shy and closed

that is until you broke the mould

and became the very thing I’d always been afraid of

a woman I wanted, on the other side

so yeah….

now finally you can tilt your glass and say

I am that cliche

all you who mocked and made me blush

at being myself

it’s finally true, I fell for a girl who couldn’t

return my gaze

that’s the downside of being a lesbian for sure

once in a long while you fall for a straight girl

who just ruins your rule book

24 thoughts on “Breaking rules

  1. Where does the surprise live when the rules don’t hold, in the one or the other? It lives, I think, in the space between that has its own rules, if any at all, and speculative glances afraid to meet.

  2. If I had one regret it’s that when you’re different people really form some presumptuous presumptions that are offensive. A big like some people thinking black men are players or Hispanic women are highly sexed it’s a horrible stereotype that’s totally inaccurate. Likewise the assumption a woman who tends to prefer women is either a pervert, child molester or fancies any woman. It’s frustrating because the reverse is true but it’s one of many absurd inaccurate beliefs that can taint how you live in other’s eyes

  3. I guess I was never in. I’m just me. If I dated a man or woman I saw no difference and if someone judged me I didn’t let it change who I was. There was no coming out, it was just a series of steps and I saw no reason to hide. Thank you very much for reading.

  4. When you walk on both sides, the “that just doesn’t make sense” comments come a dime a dozen. If people were simply open to change and differences in others, much of what takes place wouldn’t exist.

    Your voice is strong in this.

  5. It’s sad how ignorant, paranoid and presumptuous people are. Things have hopefully improved through the years, though slowly. Many decades ago, no one even talked about it. I’m glad for the change, and these opportunities to learn from each other. Still a long way to go though, no doubt…

  6. I often feel we are devolving as humans and it saddens me that people still form stereotypes. We are all human beings looking for the same thing in life: to live as ourselves. This is such a beautiful piece of writing.

  7. I can relate to that piece, being a gay man and sometimes getting the sense of other straight guys, literally pressing their asses against the wall. As if ever other man is a gift of god to us.
    Really strong poem!

  8. It happens… me or me to others. Attraction, fierce energy. I’m married, when younger did many things and when a woman asked me to dance, I danced. When I asked a woman to dance she danced. Nothing more but we can’t put chains on our emotions no matter how hard we try. I lived in the country for a while at 15 and all the kids said I was gay because of my short hair. How shallow people can be. I’m rambling, you hit a nerve..go one and bad one. Have a great day my lovely friend. M

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