Be the change you want to see

Imagine if every Jew in the world voted with their actions?

Jeremy Corbin would be OUT.

Facebook would be vastly reduced.

People, we should vote with our actions.

Unfortunately there are Jews who hate themselves like Mark Zuckerberg. They just make it worse.

I’m completely off Facebook even though my writers page helped my book sales I cannot condone hollocaust denial. If good people do nothing, we’re lost.

10 thoughts on “Be the change you want to see

  1. I’ve always seen Holocaust deniers as the equivalent to neonazi fascism. I don’t understand how it could be construed as a point that is debatable.

  2. Much was being made today in the news of the drop in Face Book’s stock price, about 20%. Context, courtesy of Kai Ryssdal of the “Marketplace” program on NPR: The closing price today was the same as it was in May, not May of 2017, or 2010, or some other, but May of this year, three months ago. Consequences? Maybe. Maybe even enough to get Mark Z. to rethink some things. Maybe not. Someone commented that he is unwilling to deal with the fact that he leads and controls one of the most powerful entities on the planet, on a par with some nation states, and accept the responsibility that comes with that power. Whether he likes it or not, he is in a position to be an arbiter of truth and insist on fact over opinion and falsification, however fervently some believe the lies.

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