I knew my limits were met when my father tutted and said

You’re an ordinary girl

I wish you looked like your mother

When heron jawed teacher said

You’re an average student

Students with learning disorders should drop out early

When razor hipped boyfriend said

You’re the last choice

I settled for you because everyone else said no

When porn-on-his-desktop boss said

You’re not qualified enough

I keep you down because you won’t ask for a raise, you don’t have the guts

When mint-chewing doctor said

You’re too old to have a baby anyway

What’s one more womb between friends? Unmarried girls are dispensable

I did not crack under the weight

For what doesn’t smother best intentions may

Lend you a fist of iron

Sometimes our weaknesses serve us better than our strengths

My families indifference taught the rule of self sufficiency

I didn’t die of neglect despite best attempts

You shouldn’t have had children but I’m here and I’ll endure without your permission

My limit knew no limit

When I graduated top of my year and slammed the medal on teachers desk

You ruin kids right to have dreams with your judgement

My limit knew no limit

When I told him his actions would come full circle

He’s divorced and not allowed to see his kids, his pattern ran him ragged

My limit knew no limit

When my boss grabbed my butt and I blew the whistle to his superior

I stayed and he resigned, don’t think he’ll be pinching anymore asses

My limit knew no limit

When the grief of being childless led me to embrace others

Try, try, try, turn the negative into a way of transformation

What does kill you can save you

My limit knew no limit

Had no end

Because I am a woman who has survived many scars and

I still stand

I knew my limits were



21 thoughts on “Undefeated

  1. With slight differences (e.g. the learning disorder wasn’t diagnosed yet, it was a prestigious college acceptance letter not a medal that I waived – which wasn’t believed- and it was family genetics, not age, that made me someone who shouldn’t have kids per the doc), we’ve had many sadly similar bad life experiences…

  2. Bravo and every single verse is seeded with courage, grit, and determination and Yes what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and ignore the naysayers in life who aren’t good for anybody.
    My fav line from the poem
    “For what doesn’t smother best intentions may
    Lend you a fist of iron”

  3. Should be required reading for all high school student, boys and girls and same for college freshmen!
    A source of hope and strength, beautifully writte,!

  4. Absolutely beautiful ❤️
    Words of strength & love for oneself..
    Strong in our weaknesses.. 😊
    Your writing always takes my breath away
    A warrior of words and heart

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