Coming Soon from Sudden Denouement Publishing- Pantheon by Eric Syrdal

THIS is a book I was delighted to review and I highly encourage everyone to buy a copy when it’s published it’s going to be dynamite! My full review of this novel should be out soon, well done to Sudden Denouement, for once more supporting and producing the highest quality and original work out there today!

Sudden Denouement Collective

“I won’t spoil the brilliant conclusion of this novel, suffice to say, if it is your desire to read something astoundingly original, from a writer who is not only a truly breathtaking author, deft with supernatural words and ideas, but a dreamer of worlds, who will blow any preconceived notions you have away and leave you shell shocked by the sheer power of his mind, then I cannot recommend Eric Syrdal and his novel Pantheon more highly. “I built this beach / and the stars / and the moon …. I turn back the wheels of heaven / and make time stop and rewind / over and over ….. Because I don’t know how to tell him / A machine had a wish.”

Candice Louisa Daquin, Pinch the Lock

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7 thoughts on “Coming Soon from Sudden Denouement Publishing- Pantheon by Eric Syrdal

  1. Deepest thanks and undying grantitude, Shieldmaiden. My heart fails to accurately express my elation as it concerns this moment in my life. You are well aware of my respect for you and at my fortune to be blessed to know your powerful soul.

    Much love to you, always.

  2. When you said we were a Tribe that stood together, and you had my back, well I had yours too. We DO stand together, and we are stronger for it. I am so excited for you dearest man, you deserve this. The sheer work you put into your lovely opus is reason enough, the fact that it was absolutely brilliant just confirms it. I can’t wait for others reactions, I suspect they will love it every bit as much as I did. Thank you for being the friend you are, you’ve seen me through some very dark times and I don’t forget that. Bless you

  3. Had fun last night I met this GORGEOUS man on GoodReads any idea who he was? Anyway he’s written this AMAZING book and I can’t wait until it’s published so I can put my review up on GoodReads of his book xo

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