Blurred screens

Disconnected numbers

I lost my memory in a dish I left outside

the rain filled it up and soon thoughts

sodden and wrinkled

were illegible

It was you

you were the one dancing in the rain

you were the one who sheltered me from the storm

with your skinny arms and your little heart

It was I

who burrowed inside your cave and found

the fiery part and claimed it, kept it burning

long after the rain stopped

we lay in velvet darkness

your hand resting against my cheek

in the way only unraveled people sleep

I heard your dreams

you felt my body move

curl about you like

an extension of your desire

we contained the sum

of us

in a little boat

kept aloft by hope

when you said hope died

the flame behind your eyes

the one looking at me with such tenderness

blew out

behind in its place

soot and smoke gathered

like regretful children with dirty hands

smudging their best pictures

late summer rain drowned out

the sound of me calling

you would have heard but you had

long stopped listening

it poured, soon streets were awash

a symbol, a crucifixion, something terribly broken

something crushed underfoot, losing form

you bent to pick up the pieces of my heart

but could not read the words

for you had also lost your past and our history

I no more featured than the last time it rained

long long ago

when the trees were still thin and straight

not bent and crooked offering up their rotten roots

then you were a woman who loved someone else

I was a piece of paper

too wet to decipher

had you wanted to

and you did not

you did not


43 thoughts on “Forget

  1. As always, your imagery is beautiful. If I were to pick out my favourite lines it would be these:

    “soot and smoke gathered
    like regretful children with dirty hands
    smudging their best pictures”

    The closing words of this poem leave an echo of baffling loss

  2. You use echoes in your writing, I may have swiped the idea a little as I love that about your poetry, you can ‘hear’ it even as you say it in your head. Thank you dear one

  3. lI love your generous spirit. You always reply to my messages with a compliment.

    You copy nothing from me. If something I wrote gave you an idea, it is you who has the skill to know how and when to use it. You make it your own in the most marvellous way. I’ve toyed with the idea of asking you if we could swap poems sometime – you rewrite one of mine and I rewrite one of yours – just to see what happens; whether we improve each other’s work or mess it up.

  4. “You bent to pick up the pieces of my heart” …so touched my heart !
    It might take a long time to find mine as there are at least a thousand and I don’t recall where or when they began to fall. But fall they did and I…..I remain forever broken and alone.
    Thank you for sharing your oh so beautiful gift!

  5. OMG what a great idea! I would be completely nervous to do it though! I have this feeling you would edit my poems to perfection and I may maim yours! But that said, I really think it’s an original idea, not one I had ever even considered! Maybe we should because of that whole ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ thing (GULP)

  6. I’ve come to think of hate as a defense against love, driven by fear of what one would have to do and feel if they allowed themselves to love, to fully live with, “There but for fortune go I.” So long as he can keep screaming his hate, he can drown out that thunderous admonition, “Tat Tvam Asi”, [That thou art, That art thou].

  7. Agreed. The more we condemn others we should look at ourselves. I hear you. I’m not sure about hate. I think in some instances evil exists but many times hate is either fear or self hate or twisted love

  8. Read through your comments section. see what your followers say about your poetry. We all love it, and we love you.

    We wouldn’t be looking to improve each other’s poems, only to translate them. I’ll be honest; I know only two poets on WP whose work I truly admire. Your skill with metaphor and your ability to take the reader to where your head is gives you the edge. It was my admiration for strong>your work which gave me the idea, but I don’t know if we could do it.

    I’d love to see what you could do with something I’ve written. How about we hold the thought, and see if anything inspires us. You might read something of mine and notice things you would have said differently. The same goes for me… possibly xxx

  9. One thing I do believe is how many people say things is more reflective of how much time you spend cultivating relationships online than how good you are, I have read some poets whose work nobody comments on who are among the best here on WP – just a thought.
    I think we could do it. I think we should try. Challenges are good and I don’t do enough of them! And I would with you. Maybe I will go to your site and select a poem and begin this weekend. I really like your idea.

  10. The more I’ve thought about this challenge, the more doubtful I felt. I think your idea is much better than mine. I’ll do the same, but not today. I’m exhausted from knocking the teeth out of a poem that refused to go right. I posted it anyway.

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