Tribe – Candice Louisa Daquin

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Whisper and the Roar

Hold still

it won’t hurt

and if it does

then it’s your fault anyway

you’re lucky to be getting anything

if it were up to me, I would leave you where they found you

hunched in a mess of splayed arms and legs, barely moving

you must have asked for it somehow

they all do

Hold still

it will hurt

because for ages women have sought

to repair their broken parts, find a way to piece together

those patches of their souls

only to be berated and shamed

hobbled, judged, vilified

burnt a second time with stronger brand

what is it within humanity, wants to further damage?

the survivor

hold on

it shouldn’t hurt

we are creatures of the fall, we are not fallen, we are good

women ride alongside men in equal canter

when one of us is hurt, it hurts us all

love heals the torn…

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9 thoughts on “Tribe – Candice Louisa Daquin

  1. I think we all (male and female) think in a more individualistic selfish way, but, that doesn’t take away from this. Thank you for sharing. And yes, we all bleed the same, though we don’t all think we do.

  2. Yes you are right. Just as I try to or do not think I’m being selfish I realize I am in some little way and it appalls me so I agree w/u we are all like that which is probably why the world is the way it is

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