Depression era pink

glasses breaking

into cubes of falling ice

marbles hitting concrete where hard

should never be

we are soft crinoline and chiffon

we are baby powdered and tight wigs on

to march and strut the catwalk of the world

masks and smiles glued straight

for nothing is as it appears

my love

our bottles of time have used up

their sand

the touch of summer burns my hand

beaches and cocktails and empty bar stools

I saw myself there once

I was looking for you

driving in circles

speeding through rain with the top down

we cut our hair, we changed the locks, we left

the light on

listening for the sound of aching

as it crested the hill

driving too fast at night

slick wheels, slow eye movement

the lament of everything on mute

beauty doesn’t exist in the world

when your heart is carved hollow and

that pit returns to grow its peach tree

I roll another one


it is the smell of summer on your clothes

fading fading fading

cuts my resolve to ribbons

shredding words without sound

remembering as we were

running after each other all night

I found you then

you said

take me home

and I did

wrapping my thin wrists

through your emptiness

until we two were chinks of light

glimmering in wide empty sky

Inspired by ‘Summertime Sadness’ by Lana Del Ray

31 thoughts on “Summertime

  1. Reblogged this on My Screaming Twenties and commented:
    This is faultless. Stunning piece from Candice 💛 inspired by one of my favourite songs too.

  2. You are simply far too gifted for your own good, my friend – you make time stand still, and make of snapshots Cineramas . . . Brava!

  3. Candy you’re not just a poet you are a truth speaker. You say words that bring light to things that people want to hide. Your work has a meaning it helpful and compassionate. You’re still poetry’s muse
    I love you 💞

  4. I love you my friend you saw me through some of the hardest times of my life and you didn’t quit my side, I know I have thanked you for that a hundred times but it will never be enough. Do you know why? Because whilst you and I have not known each other years and years you were loyal and caring because you have one of the best hearts I know and people I thought would stay by my side did not and that literally broke me worse than the illness, so having a friend whom you can REALLY call a friend and who really knows what that means, well it is worth everything to me. I loved you before darling M but now you’re just family to me as well because I feel we have both had our challenges and they didn’t kill us, so we have only one direction to go from here and I hope we always do it together

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