I wish I had never existed

21 thoughts on “I wish I had never existed

  1. You write with such clarity, Candice. Living presents such challenges, and sometimes I wonder if I’m ever going to get the hang of it. Sometimes I’m not interested in getting the hang of it at all. That’s what your words here say to me right now. Hugs.

  2. I understand this pain, of desertion by those who once cared, and the despair that comes and comes like waves. I wish I could wrap my arms around the author and say that she is not alone, and that I am glad that she exists, and that if I had the magic power of infusing others with joy, then I would spend every drop of it on her at this moment.

  3. I wish I had the words to remove any fright, pain, discontent, and disbelief of and in others you cared for or loved. I just hope and pray this bad time passes soon.
    It’s all I have. I wish I had more. Peace, Candice.

  4. Fighting can become an end in itself, and it’s wearying. There has to be a reason to live that isn’t dependent on other people, a development of personal potential that says ‘fuck you’ to the people without compassion and without empathy with anythng but their own bodily needs who have drifted away.

  5. If you had never existed, I would never would have known you…, You never would have changed some of my outlooks on life for the better…. shown me sides to life whether dirty or clean that I could turn over in my hands and look at with a new respect and poignant perspective.

    So stop sister dear….whether this is a fleeting moment of anguish (which I can get for myself from time to time) …stop..because I want you here…no matter how far in this world you are…I am close whenever the need you feel is there to reach out…no matter why or when.

    You are wanted by I and others on this great big planet of assholes and idiots…you are wanted…needed. Adored….

    We and them fight this world together and glory in it….you and I fight together…. despair is fine…anguish is fine…oblivion is fine… but beauty in friendship and love is present it…surrounds you…encapsulates you …

    I love you Ms C ….love you very much sister….my beautiful wonderful lost spirited, voracious sister.

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