Seeking us

My latest piece on Hijacked Amygdala.

hijacked amygdala


Some prefer before it happens

that exquisite wait

predating intimacy

a languor of instincts

long nights imagining

how you will taste

can reality ever compare?

with the violent longing of what is imagined

a teasing elongation of want, unfolding

into one outstretched blossom.

I had closed down that part of me

craving clawing keening wanting

put a ‘for rent’ sign on my dancing shoes

hung up the coat of neglect where it belonged

still damp with tinge of youth

you told me it was that way too

with you

when the calendar said – you’re now beyond the hour

to feel, to need, the touch of age too close

resigning yourself to occupations of the mind

swimming in your stifle


we found each other

you were the girl I’d been seeing when I closed my eyes

I had this pendant about my neck called fate

it seemed to be…

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6 thoughts on “Seeking us

  1. There’s my poetry girl. Sending you so much love my sister. I was thinking about you earlier. I so appreciate you reading this and to think you liked it makes me very, very happy. Thank you lovely.

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