Wordless & Spoken

My latest piece for Hijacked Amygdala.

hijacked amygdala


I looked for you

as my eyes squinted into fog

I saw your luminescence

a beacon lighting way forward

unwittingly becoming life raft

I tried not to cling to the wreckage

but swim deeply through water unafraid

did it matter what direction or where

I would end up?

without you there is a drowned map of the world

made of hide and slick with oil

if you look carefully you can see the outline

of where you drew your location

like a red circle with closed eyes I can

feel the pulse

drawing us ever closer and ever apart

a wave upon wave in an ocean of sadness

there was a time when I believed

we were separated only by

our will

and if we so desired

nothing could really keep us separate

a chain of silver running through water

linking us irrevocably

it helped to feel less alone with…

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8 thoughts on “Wordless & Spoken

  1. You? NEVER! I was thinking of you this morning wishing for the millionth time we lived closer, as I would run over to your office with a drink and a snack and give you a huge hug and remind you how much you mattered to me

  2. You wouldn’t come out right now. It’s too cold. 😉 We’re in for snow. Haha. Aww. And, yes… I was jaw-dropped while reading this. *big hugs*

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