Homecoming – Candice Daquin


The month they took my words away

It was a mild green winter

Even parakeets chose to stay

Pruning on yet shorn limbs, stray with wandering

Even cars turning into the cul-de-sac where I had roosted

But not made home

Seemed to slow and let themselves dream

In the purr of uneventuality

I could smell that reminder of you

In every crevice I washed in earnest

No scrub removed the memory

I sought to drown

Recollection is a green parrot

Inexplicably at your window

Like you had submerged our years

Beneath hard unyielding water

Stepped away, light and unburdened

A school nurse told me once

When I explained my belief, vaccinations were unhealthy

That I was simply regurgitating the foolish liberal notions of parents

Filling my head with unpicked flowers

I wanted to tell her

No those were not my parents and that was not my history

But if you…

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10 thoughts on “Homecoming – Candice Daquin

  1. How very modest Candice!
    For me, you are one of the most popular poets I’ve found on WordPress.
    (Reaching your followers level would require I live to be around 100 years old!)

  2. Dearest Ken, not true! I know many who have 12,000 and far more, I am glad however that everyone who follows me and vice versa I have had a conversation with and know, on some level, rather than buying numbers as seems the case with some of the huge blogs. I just am me. Simple. I plug away. It’s been around 4 years now. No need for 100! I appreciate you reading what I wrote here very much

  3. Oh please don’t. It’s not numbers surely but quality of output. The best poet on wp that I can truly say is without doubt the most talented of us all is very obscure with only 100 followers and few likes but she’s astoundingly talented. Imagine if she gave up be sure of few lines and thought someone who got tons was better? I know many who get loads of likes who are mediocre st best it truly isn’t about that and I sure hope you never quit your beautiful blog or writing. You are far too good for that.

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