Something real

My latest experiment into prose poetry, for Hijacked Amygdala.

hijacked amygdala


strangest statement;

think the world of you

too good to be true

really needed to hear that

reeling for months now

suffocating on mortality emotions

lost that courageous love for life I think I once had

half in and half out

then you came and you were

fantasy figure

intoxicating and unreal

feel like all her light is pulling me out of this darkness and I’m having hope again
wait? You’re having hope again?
that was the thing I had lost
funny how you really can’t go on without hope
but it is so damn fragile

you know how when you are young you feel like something good is going to happen it’s just around the corner? And then sometimes (not always) as you get older you feel like the corner gets longer and longer?

I always believed we makeour own fortune, our own…

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7 thoughts on “Something real

  1. You are always welcome and I do admire (and appreciate) your writing. Sadly I never seem to find enough time to always leave my thoughts. My best to you.

  2. Chris, I really appreciate that. I really do. Seems WP is a little quieter these days and when one of the Originals comes out and says something about my writing, I am so very grateful. xxx Love to you my friend

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