By one who feels


for indifference is the sharpest

knife of the set

worse than anger which requires some care

and love that turns on her heel constantly

like a feathered Cuban girl in 1930s Havana

smiling, til her cheeks ache with sheer

marvelous spectacle

it’s been some years since I danced for you

from shadows to light and back again

fooling myself into beauty, rendering

moments stamped in both our minds

for the joy of the unbound

my feet hennaed like an Indian wedding bride

your fingers possessed of music and silver rings

we wove our limbs together as plaited bread

baked in the glory of that unbroken hour

before ochre sun’s urgent assent and chime

of other people began lowing in impatient light

there is something about darkness I have always

felt contained magic and even if others do not see

I taste it on my tongue

I run my hands along

its quiet shining surface

much like a lake swallowing

a stone when thrown

with all the violence known

by one who feels



35 thoughts on “By one who feels

  1. Indeed, twice – Indifference cuts as nothing else can, and there is a deep well of magic in our darkness. Denying the dark dims the light.

  2. I can see you there between land and sea, between night and light, spinning rocks across the water, arms out, waiting to embrace the darkness

  3. Yes. This.
    This is beautiful! I tried to pick a few phrases that I especially loved, but then I would be quoting the whole thing back to you, and that just feels silly. 💗 Great job!

  4. Hi! Thank you! That’s sweet of you to say! 💚
    Things are going better this end, I hope you are well Candice? I have a new doctor I am so happy about.

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