Night becomes us

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I push people away

as they pushed away from me when I first learned

that’s what people do

so run ahead and do it first

you might tell them your real age, or show them the scars in your skin, that usually does it

with online trolls who really only want a

mirror little narcissist

you might show them your face and all the welts that

lay invisible and divisible like trails of tears

finding only drought

you might reveal your defeats and play join the dots

with stories for each one and then you may

know me just a little

except I don’t want to be known and even as I write

I remain anonymous to myself

the perpetuation of a dream instead

where we dance sweaty and disordered with our hair

collapsed like flamenco skirts in rivers of ruffles

two people with thick manes and thin skin


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7 thoughts on “Night becomes us

  1. Hey Candice, I wrote this comment on your poem from ‘Hijacked Amygdala.

    “Such a moving poem, filled with deeply intense sadness and emotion.”

    Hope all is well.

    P.S Have you been getting any notifications of my post?
    A few people had experienced a little glitch problem of people not receiving notifications of one’s post. I’ve been posting new stuff haven’t seen you stopped by.

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