Featured Post: The Well of Loneliness – Candice Louisa Daquin

One of Christine Ray’s excellent SMITTEN prompts @ Whisper & the Roar – my take on one of my favorite books. The Well of Loneliness.

Whisper and the Roar

Getting ready for work
Bag on the table
long 10 denier
black hose
so fine
makes legs look like swans
dark and sleek and endless
the way you’d like to be
dressed in costume
the person you want
gradually painted on
first the eyes, dramatic and smoky
lips full and plump the youthful devotee
cheeks pinched and shy
complexion covered with dye
hide the flaw
hide the truth
hide yourself
be someone new
getting ready for work
never ready for life
picking up habits of preservation
in the early morning light
what works here
what shows there
a fallen hem
a lost pin
shoulders too large
hips too narrow
breasts lurching to breathe out
an invert triangle
wiggling into yourself
trying to get out
of being legitimate
the role of responsibility
both necessary and loathed
a little toast, a little wine
the rattle of pills
medicated time

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One thought on “Featured Post: The Well of Loneliness – Candice Louisa Daquin

  1. “never ready for life
    picking up habits of preservation”
    Brilliant! This whole piece reminds me of the arduousness of daily living in a place where you really aren’t doing that, just surviving. Well done, once again, my beauty! I could read your work all day! ❤

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