The Bridge – Candice Louisa Daquin — FREE VERSE REVOLUTION

The hypnotherapist did not believe people existed who could not be hypnotized it was my hope I would not become that statistic though my penchant for placebo or letting go was rather weak I sat in his comfortable chair, a scotch blanket on my knees as much as anything because if ‘under’ I didn’t want […]

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11 thoughts on “The Bridge – Candice Louisa Daquin — FREE VERSE REVOLUTION

  1. This is incredibly potent writing, Candice, as I genuinely felt as if were experiencing this with you. A mixture of joyful and unsettling…but ultimately rewarding. Impressive.

  2. The English have more INVENTORS per capita than any other nation. Reminds me of that film ALL NIGHT LONG with Gene Hackman when asked what do you want to be, really be? He pauses and says; An inventor and his eyes light up. Best scene ever.

  3. Must re-educate myself with that one. Yes, a nation of inventors…or is that shop keepers? (I’m sure that’s a French perspective – I am certain you can put me right here!).

  4. Well but shop keepers mightn’t be a bad thing because I fear we will be a nation of Walmart and big businesses if we keep staying at home, for small cottage industry will wilt. So I’m all for the small shop keeper and after all didn’t they sell Smarties?

  5. And sherbet dibdabs…. I do think, however, you are correct. Our High Street these days consists of mostly charity shops, hairdressers and coffee shops. Shame, really.

  6. Now you had to go mention sherbet dibdabs … sigh. It’s a pity isn’t it., how those things have changed like 10p mix-ups with cough candy and gobstoppers and cola cubes. I know our teeth are happy for it but I miss the old things of all the countries I have been. Shame that the ‘high street’ experience has been diluted I feel it may only more so

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