The Poets Symphony / Edited by Tara Caribou

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Dear WordPressers. Please take note of a worthy and beautiful collection Edited and Created by the very talented Tara Caribou who is an excellent WordPress author and poetess.

I have known Tara here on WP land for some time and always admired the depth of her thoughts and talent as well as how fiercely hard she works. She produced this without any assistance and it’s a wonderful idea to put poetry to music and vice versa and the people therein are mostly WordPress authors themselves (I am lucky to be included) so if you like the idea of supporting WordPress authors this is the book for you.

Currently The Poets Symphony is available via Amazon at and if you don’t like supporting Amazing you can also purchase it via Lulu at

Tara Caribou is a poet and writer based out of Alaska and her amazing work can also be found on Instagram and Facebook


17 thoughts on “The Poets Symphony / Edited by Tara Caribou

  1. I know you follow Tara don’t you? She is one of my favorite writers on WP and in general I think she just gets better and better and she’s also a superb human being.

  2. It really has been a surprise to me. Until I began connecting with poets’ blogs, I had no idea so many people were writing poetry, and such good poetry. I wonder whether this “stay-at-home” business and the disruption of routines will turn even more toward both reading and writing it.

  3. There is a lot of bad poetry out there too but I even applaud this, because it’s a person’s form of expression and that is valid. I do think more who stay at home will maybe turn to creative things if they can afford to, that being the biggest reason they do or don’t. I have done a ton of reading but little creative writing since the quarantine but a ton of paid work (not creative) so not sure what that says about me!

  4. Well, paid work, creative or not, does help pay the bills.
    It is true that even bad poetry can be great self expression and a beginning.

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