lungs of hte worldShe came into town

breathless with excitement

they were dying around her

but she wanted to go for coffee

to get her nails done, her hair, wax the city

burn the little temples of obedience

she didn’t think a swath of fabric

let alone standing apart like courting


could slow the spread of something


she was young, though not as young as others thought

Botox took care of that

and a little filler

her heart was set on

kicking up her heals and the virus

was just a news cycle

nothing to take seriously.

Waking in hospital she

momentarily forgot to

smooth her hair down until

she felt her fingers brittle and cracked

her beautiful face marred with fever

“at least I survived” she smiled

with yellowed teeth, hot with flux

half joking at the scared nurse who

was working her second double shift.

They decided not to tell her yet

until she was out of danger, if indeed she ever


that her father, mother and little sister

were not going

to wake up again

and join in her



39 thoughts on “Outcome

  1. As I’ve a family member who recently tested positive, this rings very true. Excellent, Candice!

  2. I was counting how many people I knew who had had Covid and who had gotten very sick and/or who had relatives who had died. My neighbor lost her mom, dad and cousin to this and was in the ER herself. It staggers me when people think it’s best we just sacrifice people and get on with it. I know we have to get on with it but there has to be some wisdom to the method. I hope your family member recovers dear Karen thank you for reading this

  3. *shakes head* Everyone who questions me when I survey and screen them should read this. This piece is a powerful one, Candice.

  4. Thank you Tre. You know. You more than anyone. I know that and every day I think of you and pray you are all right because of those who don’t care. Your light shines brightly my friend.

  5. Oh my god, this is heartbreaking and sad. It describes the grief and insanity of these times very well. Beautifully written piece. It’s a must read for all.

  6. My favorite lines: β€œshe felt her fingers brittle and cracked
    her beautiful face marred with fever
    β€œat least I survived” she smiled”

  7. This is so on the mark. I cannot believe how selfish people can be, especially those who will not wear masks or social distance. My mother in law died of Covid19, I have a couple of friends who have had it too. I have been in and out of hospital since early June so I know what hospital is like, scary. I am wearing a cholecystectomy drain and bag and probably won’t get my final operation until middle to late September which will mean I will of had the bag for nearly 4 months due to Covid19 blocking up the system … Normally it something sorted in 8weeks. This virus is real. Thank you for writing this. πŸ’œ

  8. OMG! You captured the selfish, thoughtless and devil may care belief and attitude we see everywhere!! Thanks so much for sharing this – Loved your last lines and the belated and sad revelation of the consequences of foolishness brings!! Bellissimo, My Dear, Bellissimo!!

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