Pirate radio

Totems she left behind

what lost?

What gained?

cinereal clouds pierce cimmerian dusk

your fingers fastening in my hair

we interlaced in one another

le plus vieux pont, la plus jeune émotion

lineament of women,

crossing from mortal to sempiternal

drawing you to me, redolent with love-making

I empty myself inside you, like flowers plucked will dry

and retain their incense

your neck a budding posy of marble obsidian, onyx, malachite, rose quartz

pillowed thighs, yielding beneath entreaty

a woman is nectar, ambrosia, a mist on the breath of dusk

her center a temple to invoke

donne-moi ta soif laissez-moi vous rassasier

entreat the reciting of capture til we ripen into rapture

wordless in renewal you lend me promise,

I bestow the eternal endeavor turning metal dial,

through tempest comes outlying supplication of wireless reverie

Dormir sous les vagues

it’s 1999 again and we’re drying our wet socks on hot radiators,

the tips torn by exertion our fingers

chill-blain, curling mouths open to each other

fais moi pleurer de plaisir like blind seals

dipping beneath ocean coming up for air

as fire crackles across pirate radio wave


49 thoughts on “Pirate radio

  1. “as fire crackles across pirate radio wave” — the wave of desire-passion-merging-rest sizzling electrically with pleasure perhaps looted from a disapproving world, the pirates, unashamed.

    Well, not quite struck speachless, but close — wonderful!

  2. Pls do. Listen to the entire B side of The Hounds of Love and LMK what you think! I would be so interested to know. It’s basically one of my favorite things ever. Along with the Julee Cruize album that went with Twin Peaks (weirdly it’s SO good!)

  3. You’ve put me in mind of a favorite line of Rimbaud “… ma soif si folle”. Hélas, pauvre Arthur; he had not the first idea of this particular thirst… 🥰 Also, thank you for “sempiternal”; a day when I have to look something up is a good day!

  4. You my friend … are so cultured and knowing and intelligent you inspire me with every thought you have I hope you know this. Every single time. When I grow up I want your mind and soul I do.

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