The sum of us

Good Girls don’t write about sex


They disguise their want in paralipsis

And allegory

Hoping the one they wrote it for

Reads in between watery lines

Just as we think we know and we don’t know

How to play a violin to life

What specific string to rub dulce, with bow and how?

To produce the exact sound

Of heaven

For we rely on machines purchased

In stores that wrap them in paper and

Blush behind their make-up

To soften the blow of loneliness

They even offer them in pink with ears.

I decided long ago to

Forgo batteries and think of you instead

With my flesh and my bones

Nothing more but those images in my head

Of you lying back unclothed

Ready for feasting

I’m long past apologizing

For my need at midday to think

About sex

Women do it too

Maybe not in the office bathroom with a magazine

Or tiny screen zooming in

But quieter, and softer, lying in the bath

Lights out, candles giving off waxy


The world is changed outside and we

No longer obey fluorescent lights

I dim ours and the moon in turn

Shies from long curtains

In dusk I see the curves of you

Reminding me, as if I needed reminder

Of why I think of you all the long day

And how and in what ways

For I don’t believe there will be a time

I’ll stop boiling my blood in imagining

And the moment we come together

Is ever more for waiting

It seems at times I wait, more than I actually find

Perhaps the rejoinder of fantasy is

We can inhabit it more, than what lies real

Yet as you undress, I know

Nothing I can conjure up, can compete

With the real feel of your skin against mine

The human touch of our hands enjoined

I may be called creative, but I could never

Describe those pleasured hours well

We are it seems, beyond all living illustration

For beauty when it is actual

Is not the plastic doll on the shelf

Nor her vibrating friend, who promises

To get you off so easily.

Some things are worth waiting for

Some people are necessary, chasing eternal

For even one night with you, would suffice

Against a hundred with someone else

I cannot replace what you do to my heart

Every time I see you turn a corner

And smile that crooked smile of yours

Eyes glinting, a little cocked half walk, half run

We meet in our dreams

We stay together when apart

It is the sum of us

We add up

Even as everything else

Does not

21 thoughts on “The sum of us

  1. oh my… well then… this is so wonderful. I love the underlying sensuality, the need, the desire, boiling beneath the surface, at the edges. It is gently reminders which also make me think of painted nails edging along soft curves. The passion we all desire… oh man, yep, I love this.

  2. Is it possible to imagine better than the real moment, the actual touch of living flesh to flesh? In a dream, perhaps the conjured can measure up. But longing has its own rules when even a pale invocation will not cease to occupy and stir remembered stimulation.

  3. Love poem writer extraordinaire.

    “Every time I see you turn a corner
    And smile that crooked smile of yours
    Eyes glinting, a little cocked half walk, half run
    We meet in our dreams
    We stay together when apart”

  4. I love the opening to this as I feel that it is something pretty universal, that masking of true feelings behind words, and the hoping that their true intentions are ‘read’. And yes, there is nothing as true as touch. Beautiful, Candace.

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